The Anticancer Lifestyle

The Anticancer Lifestyle Program is an evidence-based program that empowers people diagnosed with cancer to make changes in their lifestyle and environment that may reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. Evidence shows that a healthy diet, adequate physical activity, decreased exposure to toxic substances, social support and stress management all help to maximize the body’s natural defenses to fight cancer. Program participants gain the tools and information necessary to make and sustain these desirable lifestyle changes.

The 12-week instructor-led course, originally developed in Concord, N.H., is now expanding across the country. To find a program near you, click the “Locations” tab on the program homepage. If you are interested in starting a program in your area, please visit the ACLP’s Get Started page. Or, to learn more about the program, watch Ken Cook, President & co-founder of EWG and Meg Hirshberg, President and Founder of Anticancer Lifestyle Foundation discuss the Anticancer Lifestyle program in the video below.

The mission of the ACLP is two-fold: to promote evidence-based lifestyle changes that may reduce the odds of cancer recurrence, and to fill a post-treatment gap for cancer patients, who often ask their providers, “What now? What can I do to help myself going forward?” Program participants have expressed a renewed sense of optimism and control in their lives. As one put it: “Everything until now has been done to us; this is something we get to do for ourselves.”

You can get started immediately with the free Anticancer Environment Online Course which explores household toxics and gives tips on how to reduce everyday exposures through engaging, interactive sessions. “Like” the Anticancer Lifestyle Facebook page to get updated with the latest articles and research on Anticancer living.