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Hummer Pushing its "Light Cigarette"

Monday, August 14, 2006

Hummer will be launching a new ad campaign today to remind consumers that they sell TWO models the H2 and the smaller, cheaper H3. Hummer feels they've been too long associated with the behemoth H2, so the new commercials, touting the smaller H3 and featuring some Belgian magician, will shock you with their impressive claims of 20 miles per gallon and only a $30,000 price tag. Yes--once you see the ad in which an H3 drives right past a gas station, you will be effectively reeducated about the the H3's size, fuel efficiency and maneuverability, and thus have no choice but to run out to the nearest dealership, float a loan, and join the ranks of the insecure losers from Hummer's last baseless ad campaign.

UPDATE (Aug 15): EWG has just launched a new Sign-O-Matic tool to parody the McDonald's/Hummer partnership. Make your own hilarious golden arches signs and send them to your friends.

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