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Alums have a bone to pick with Harvard

Friday, September 15, 2006

Harvard professor cleared of ethics charges is million dollar donor

It looks like Environmental Working Group aren’t the only ones that have a bone to pick with Harvard. At least 17 Harvard alumni, including several leading public health experts, have voiced serious concerns about the ethics inquiry of Dr. Chester Douglass by the university. Douglass has been accused of misrepresenting the research of one of his graduate students that linked fluoride to bone cancer in boys. Why might he do this? Douglass is an employee of Colgate toothpaste, a leading advocate of fluoride.

While the Harvard alums that are outraged aren’t sure Douglass is guilty, they are sure of one thing: a closed-door investigation by his peers raises more questions than it answers. And here’s the latest: It turns out Douglass is one of only six million-dollar donors behind Harvard’s newest dental school building-- a fact that only darkens the shadow of dubiousness surrounding Douglass’s treatment by the secret review board.

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