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In the news: Septempber 1, 2006

Friday, September 1, 2006

Drug Firms Use Financial Clout To Push Industry Agenda at FDA: The Food and Drug Administration is bargaining with the pharmaceutical industry for an increase in fees, giving the industry a greater role in shaping the priorities of its regulator.

The genitals of polar bears in east Greenland are dwindling in size due to industrial pollutants. Scientists are worried that people may be at risk.

Coca-Cola Co. was sued Friday as part of an effort to force soft drink makers to eliminate ingredients that can form cancer-causing benzene.

Experts are seeing an increased danger in the fine particulate matter produced by wildfires, construction dust, and even car exhaust. It's common sense that exposure to high levels of air pollutants can cause some pretty serious health problems, but a new study suggests even small changes in air quality can make you very sick.

NYC health officials have started mailing every doctor in the city the first formal set of clinical guidelines to diagnose and treat physical and mental health problems related to the 9/11 attacks. Experts say that lacking a formal advisory from the city--for FIVE YEARS--doctors may not have had sufficient information to recognize the ailments connected to 9/11, or to prescribe the proper treatment.

“Alarming levels” of the cancer-causing gasonline additive, MTBE have been found in the water at a Maryland elementary school.

Tests at a Connnecticut high school find the toxic compound PCB in window caulking and floor tile adhesive, as well as in dust from the school's heating and air-conditioning system.

California's landmark deal to require a 25% cut in industrial greenhouse gases is a largely symbolic victory with only a tiny impact on climate but it could prompt significant change in the nation's stance on global warming…

In Brief: FDA may limit skin bleaching products containing hydroquinone...MD officials warn against swimming in, or eating fish from the Potomac...CA company to pay fine for toxic dumping...Chinese scientists call for safer air in childrens' rooms...

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