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It's time to look upstream

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chanda Chevannes has made an important documentary film about Sandra Steingraber's work, based largely on her first book, Living Downstream. The trailer below will give you a sense of Steingraber's belief that our focus should not be downstream, where we see only symptoms, but rather upstream, where we can see causes. And prevent them.

If you're not familiar with Steingraber's work, you should be. She's an internationally renowned expert on the connections between the environment and reproductive health and cancer (which she calls a "serial killer"), and a beautiful writer who can explain science in a way that makes sense to the rest of us.

Her willingness and ability to raise public awareness about the science of toxic chemicals and how it affects human health is a critical addition to the growing movement to enact strong laws that protect human health from dangerous chemicals.

And her experiences as a cancer survivor and mother add a uniqueness to her scientific lens that makes her work even richer.



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