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Children's Health

Collaboration focuses on protecting children across America from effects of toxic chemicals

With generous support from Jonas Philanthropies, in October 2016 EWG launched the Jonas Children’s Environmental Health Initiative, redoubling EWG’s decades’ long commitment to children’s environmental health with a bold new research agenda for 2017 and beyond.

The mounting evidence connecting children’s exposures to environmental contaminants and serious, life-altering health problems continues to grow, confirming that toxic chemicals in our environment are having adverse impacts on the well-being of our kids. Today, children may be exposed to a wide range of environmental hazards in schools and at home: lead, asbestos, PCBs, flame retardant chemicals, chemicals in cleaning products, pesticides, and various indoor and outdoor air pollutants. EWG has been on the forefront of the fight against these threats to children’s health, empowering parents and all citizens with information on how to avoid toxic exposures in everyday environments.

As part of this partnership, EWG is developing health-based safety standards for hundreds of pollutants that contaminate our air, water and land. The criteria for these limits are based solely on health impacts, and will not be influenced by the interests of polluters who discharge these contaminants into the environment.

Through the Children’s Environmental Health Initiative, EWG will build on its established, game-changing research with new content and new communications strategies that will arm parents, politicians and concerned citizens with the tools and data necessary to protect current and future generations of children.

You can learn more by checking out some of our latest research below.


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