January 11, 2002

Anniston, Alabama: In-Depth: EWG's FOIA Requests

Environmental Working Group has submitted the following Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to obtain information related to high level meetings with Monsanto lobbyists and the Bush Administration:

Seeks information about meetings with Administrator Whitman's staff and Monsanto lobbyists; also seeks records documenting the decision of Linda Fisher, Deputy Administrator and former Monsanto lobbyist, to recuse herself from considering the Anniston deal.

Seeks information about meetings with CEQ Chair James Connaughten, former GE lobbyist during the Hudson River PCB cleanup debate, and Monsanto officials.

Seeks information about meetings with OMB officials and Monsanto officials.

Seeks information about meetings with Attorney General Ashcroft, who received $50,000 in campaign contributions from Monsanto, and Monsanto officials; also seeks information regarding meetings with Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson, former in-house counsel for Monsanto, and Monsanto officials.

New Documents Related to the ANNISTON/PCB Story

EPA document: Anniston Site Inspection Report (5 March, 1980)
EWG discovered documents that show that the EPA has known for at least 22 years that an estimated 10 million pounds of PCBs are buried in a landfill on the Monsanto site in Anniston. Yet, 22 years later, and three weeks after a jury verdict in a state court, the Bush EPA cut a deal with Monsanto that may severely undermine the power of the state court to order a comprehensive clean up.

For more information about Anniston, visit the Chemical Industry Archives.