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Attack of the Killer Weeds

Pesticide Hypocrisy on Capitol Hill

December 14, 1999

Attack of the Killer Weeds: Congressional hypocrites

Is Your Congressperson a "Sound Science" Hypocrite?

Fifty-three supporters of HR1592 or S1464, bills to expand Section 18 loopholes and delay children's health protections, have directly pressured the EPA to grant Section 18 exemptions. They say their support for the bills is based on a concern for "sound science" -- but Section 18 exemptions by definition are for pesticides do not have a complete, thoroughly reviewed set of health and safety data, the most rudimentary requirements of sound science.

These 53 members of congress are "sound science" hypocrites. They are for "sound science" when it can be used to delay action against dangerous pesticides to protect kids' health. They ignore sound science when it comes to granting pesticide companies permission to use poorly tested pesticides on children's foods.

Not surprisingly, most of these "sound science" hypocrites have taken significant amounts of re-election money from pesticide and agribusiness lobbyists. The average "sound science" hypocrite received $10,486 in reelection money from the pesticide industry in from November 1996 through October 1999, whereas the average member of congress who didn't pressure the EPA for Section 18 exemptions, and didn't cosponsor the industry-backed bills, received just $2,693 over the same period.

State or District Member's Name Reelection Money Taken from Pesticide Industry Pesticide Reelection Money Taken, as a Percentage of Average for Non-Cosponsors
AL-5 Rep. Bud Cramer $4,000 149%
AL-6 Rep. Spencer Bachus $0 0%
AL-7 Rep. Earl Hilliard $2,500 93%
CA-11 Rep. Richard Pombo $24,273 901%
CA-18 Rep. Gary Condit $32,023 1189%
CA-19 Rep. George Radanovich $9,800 364%
CA-2 Rep. Wally Herger $14,123 524%
CA-20 Rep. Calvin Dooley $42,048 1561%
CA-21 Rep. William Thomas $28,023 1041%
CA-4 Rep. John Doolittle $6,523 242%
CA-43 Rep. Ken Calvert $1,000 37%
CA-5 Rep. Robert Matsui $11,023 409%
CA-52 Rep. Duncan Hunter $850 32%
CO Sen. Wayne Allard $0 0%
CO-4 Rep. Bob Schaffer $3,500 130%
FL-12 Rep. Charles T. Canady $4,023 149%
FL-13 Rep. Dan Miller $500 19%
GA Sen. Paul D. Coverdell $34,023 1263%
GA-2 Rep. Sanford Bishop $14,123 524%
ID Sen. Larry E. Craig $8,000 297%
ID Sen. Mike Crapo $20,023 744%
ID-1 Rep. Helen Chenoweth $5,323 198%
KS Sen. Pat Roberts -$250 -9%
LA Sen. John Breaux $18,623 692%
LA-4 Rep. James McCrery $3,623 135%
MI-2 Rep. Pete Hoekstra $0 0%
MO-8 Rep. Jo Ann Emerson $23,523 873%
MS Sen. Thad Cochran $4,000 149%
MS Sen. Trent Lott $21,000 780%
MS-2 Rep. Bennie Thompson $5,367 199%
MT Sen. Conrad Burns $6,000 223%
NC-3 Rep. Walter B. Jones $2,150 80%
OK Sen. James M. Inhofe $1,000 37%
OK-6 Rep. Frank D. Lucas $7,000 260%
PA Sen. Rick Santorum $32,250 1198%
SC Sen. Ernest Hollings $5,023 187%
SC Sen. Strom Thurmond $0 0%
SC-2 Rep. Floyd Spence $2,000 74%
SC-3 Rep. Lindsey Graham $3,000 111%
SC-5 Rep. John Spratt $8,000 297%
SC-6 Rep. Jim Clyburn $3,000 111%
SD-AL Rep. John Thune $3,023 112%
TX Sen. Phil Gramm $1,000 37%
TX-11 Rep. Chet Edwards $2,000 74%
TX-13 Rep. Mac Thornberry $10,939 406%
TX-15 Rep. Ruben Hinjosa $4,000 149%
TX-17 Rep. Charlie Stenholm $95,540 3548%
TX-21 Rep. Lamar Smith $2,000 74%
TX-23 Rep. Henry Bonilla $13,000 483%
VA-4 Rep. Norman Sisisky $1,000 37%
WA-4 Rep. Doc Hastings $3,625 135%
WA-5 Rep. Nethercutt $5,625 209%
WY Sen. Craig Thomas $3,000 111%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from Federal Election Commission data.