CDC Scientists Find Rocket Fuel Chemical In Infant Formula

Powdered Cow’s Milk Formula Contains Thyroid Toxin

April 2, 2009

CDC Scientists Find Rocket Fuel Chemical In Infant Formula: Take Action

Take Action to Remove Rocket Fuel Chemicals from your Infant Formula

Step 1.

Tell EPA to make the drinking water you use for your infant formula safer by removing the rocket fuel chemical (perchlorate) in your water.

Tell EPA you deserve safe drinking water.

Step 2.

If you live in CA, your drinking water safety limit is not stringent enough.

Tell CA Health Officials you deserve safe drinking water.

Step 3.

The CDC does not name the 15 brands of powdered infant formula found to contain perchlorate (rocket fuel chemical) contamination.

Call your infant formula company and ask a spokesperson about perchlorate contamination in the company’s product.

We'd also like you to report back to us what the company says.

Here are a few questions you can ask:

1. Is my brand of formula contaminated with perchlorate?
2. If so, how much perchlorate does my product contain?
3. Did you know about the product’s contamination with perchlorate before the new CDC report?
4. What plans do you have to clean up the formula? When?

Phone Numbers for Major Infant Formula Manufacturers

Abbott: 800.551.5838

Nestlé Nutrition: 800.422-ASK2 (2752)

Wyeth: 800.322.3129

Nature's One: 888. 227.7122

PBM Products: 800.959.2066

The Hain Celestial Group: 800.434.4246