Senate bill helps Libby asbestos workers but denies help to many who processed Libby ore

January 31, 2006

disGraceful: Court Transcript: Worker Testimony (Page 3)



Source: Freeman v. W.R. Grace, et al. 1990.

Q: Did that process create any dust?

A: You had to come up once every so often. You couldn't stand it down there. You had to come up and get some air and then you go back and shovel some more.

Q: How often would you be working in these silos?

A: Well, I would say on the average, about five, six times a day. Tha is in all of them -- you know, the whole four tanks. Sometimes if it ran really low you would have to stan in there or go down every 30 minutes. And then when it got down to the ore couldn't pick it up, you had to stand there and take a shovel and shove it on to the ore for it to go.

Q: During the time, the first couple of years you worked at the plant, was there somebody that was designated to unload the boss cars when they came in?

A: Well, nobody was designated because the only thing you were designated to do there was your bagging booth. But you did just about everything.

Q: Did you ever work on the boxcars?