Double Dippers

How Big Ag Taps Into Taxpayers' Pockets - Twice

August 3, 2005

Double Dippers: Statement from Rep. George Miller

Statement on the release of EWG's "Double Dippers" report from Rep. George Miller, former chairman of both the House Resources Committee and House Water Subcommittee:

"California's megafarms are the most politically powerful welfare recipients in the world — first they take public water for pennies on the dollar, then they get taxpayer payments for their surplus crops. And the government's been encouraging this for years and years.

"It doesn't make any economic sense, and it encourages waste when the rest of us are conserving water. Especially now that the Delta is in jeopardy, Congress needs to put a stop to these unjustifiable giveaways of the public's precious water and hard-earned money."


Ben Miller, legislative assistant
Rep. George Miller (D-CA)
(202) 225-2095