Fire Retardants in Toddlers and Their Mothers

Levels Three Times Higher in Toddlers Than Moms

September 4, 2008

Fire Retardants in Toddlers and Their Mothers: Acknowledgements

Special thanks to each of the 20 women and their children who volunteered to participate in this study. The donation of your time and blood samples will help to further our understanding about children's exposures to toxic fire retardants. The information from this study will add to the growing body of science that shows that children have unique exposures and vulnerabilities to toxic chemicals and will help to drive national chemicals policy reform that protects our most vulnerable populations.

We are also grateful to Dr. Åke Bergman and colleagues at Stockholm University for analyzing the samples and providing invaluable assistance and guidance throughout this study.

Thanks to EWG interns Rachel Gelbmann, Stephanie Graeter, Maya Kelmelis, and Dan Myers who assisted with research for this report. Thanks also to advocacy groups who helped us recruit study participants, Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, and Washington Toxics Coalition.