June 18, 2003

Monsanto in Alabama: Updates

27 JUNE 2003

Former Superfund Attorney Says DOJ Pressured Her Not To Testify

Veteran Superfund attorney Janet MacGillivray came forward June 26 with the story of how a senior Bush Department of Justice (DOJ) official tried to pressure her into not testifying in a federal court that is reviewing a high-stakes pollution cleanup agreement.

MacGillivray, who now works for Riverkeeper, was set to testify that a key EPA official had admitted to her that the cleanup agreement regarding decades of Monsanto’s carcinogenic PCB pollution of Anniston, Alabama lacked a key requirement because “[Monsanto] didn’t want it.” MacGillivray testified in opposition to the DOJ and Monsanto-crafted clean up agreement, which still awaits final approval by the federal court.

Janet MacGillivray’s statement
Transcript of MacGillivray’s testimony
EWG’s letter to Inspectors General