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Fracking investigations expand

Fracking investigations expand

June 2011

In June 2011,  Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu recruited a panel of supposedly independent experts to advise him on fracking and the natural gas industry -- and EWG promptly discovered  that six of the seven had current financial ties to the industry. EWG’s letter to Chu expressing concern was joined by more than 100 national, state, and local organizations in 13 states. EWG organized a similar letter to Chu from 60 New York state elected officials  and a third letter from 28 prominent scientists.

In July 2011, EWG published “Cracks in the Façade,” uncovering an EPA document that contradicted industry claims that hydraulic fracking operation had not contaminated groundwater,

In December 2011, EWG’s report “Drilling Double Speak” chronicled how gas drilling companies routinely warned their investors of a litany of possible disasters such as leaks, spills, explosions, bodily injury and even death from hydraulic fracturing but regularly failed to mention these risks when pressing landowners to sign leases for drilling rights. 

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