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Go-to research on crop insurance

Go-to research on crop insurance

August 2012


EWG’s August 2012 report Plowed Under:  How Crop Subsidies Contribute to Massive Habitat Losses, our several analyses of crop insurance subsidies and the 2012 Farm Subsidy Database, released July 3, have assured that EWG had a major voice in the farm bill debate.  The New York Times ran an editorial that underscored EWG’s key messages on farm policy reform.

Two EWG-published reports by Iowa State University professor Bruce Babcock became critical factors in Congressional debate over the new farm bill.  Babcock’s 2011 report, Revenue Insurance Boondoggle, revealed flaws in the heavily subsidized crop revenue insurance programs already on the books.  His April 2012 follow-up showed that giving farmers free insurance coverage would save taxpayers money.

Key Issues, Toxics, Health Concerns: